BVIP Limousine is part of the National Nationwide Prom Promise Program and is dedicated to making certain extra precautions are taken to ensure the safety of your child. 

In order to maintain our high standards and being the number one Limo company trusted by parents throughout NE Ohio, we ask that all passengers understand the following items...

1. There is NO alcohol inside our vehicles at any time. Our chauffeur WILL ask all passengers to open the suit jacket and show there ankles. We will also check bags before they are placed in vehicle. 

2. If at anytime the driver sees alcohol, the students will be brought back to the original place of pick up and parents will be phoned by a BVIP Representative. 

​3. These special two rules in combination with our other Contract rules will help ensure the safety of all passengers. 

BVIP Limousine has become very well known for our high safety standards when transporting to and from school dances. In order to keep this high standard, we ask that you take a moment to read our school dance rules and contact us with any questions. 

1. A legal parent of 21 or older is required to sign the forms and the contract.

2. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES! NO EXCEPTION! If our driver sees any form of alcoholic beverage, the service will be terminated with no refunds.

3. Our drivers reserves the right to inspect all suits, purses, bags and carry on items.

4. NO OPEN CONTAINERS are permitted in our vehicles.  This will ensure that no alcohol is brought into the vehicles. 

5. Please understand that these are not just "our rules"... these are the state law when transporting minors in a livery vehicle. 

Attention Parents...

You Don't need to be a prom king or queen to be treated like royalty.  Roll up to the dance like a celebrity!  We pride ourselves on providing responsible & safe transportation for the evening, with the same world class luxury we've become known for.

You will enjoy the wide variety of vehicles we have to offer that are all loaded with their own special perks. However, one thing we guarantee in each vehicle is superior lighting systems and sound systems. Each vehicle comes with a sound system that features state of the art speakers and controls. You can hook up to your cell phone, ipod, computer, tablet, use a CD and some of our vehicles even have Pandora and Bluetooth Technology.

If you are looking for a wonderful time with your friends while being kept as safe as possible, you have come to the right place. If you haven't done your research, BVIP Limousine is known for it's safety standards and several schools throughout OHIO have even endorsed us as their preferred Limousine Company for Homecoming and Prom. Not to mention we are even endorsed by the very well known Nation Wide "Prom Promise".

Prom Packages...

Each vehicle includes:



 Bottled Water



The Dance...